Elica Oil Ltd.

Elica oil is an innovation-oriented company that always delivers quality assurance and is easily approachable by all types of customers

In Elica Oil Ltd. we strive to provide our customers and partners with the best possible staff experience and support in all our mutual business ventures.

Our position in the Elica group gives us an advantage over our competitors because we are the first adopter to the most innovative developments of Elica-Elevator’s and have immediate access to their technical maintenance team.

The process of oil extraction is very sophisticated. We precisely select the seeds we buy and we only do so from limited number of proven good farmers.

Once we find the perfect seeds we start the processing with few stages of pre-cleaning until we reach purity of 99.9%

The next step is dehulling the seeds and mechanically separating husk and half hulled seeds from the float.

The float of sunflower kernels continues to a colour sorting machine. At this stage small particles of husk sticked to a kernel, damaged or dark kernels are being detected and removed.

An X-Ray system is working to make sure that we provide the best quality and we are facing all the clients requirements.

After the sunflower kernels are being processed to 99.99% purity, the float goes to cold press machines for extraction and straight after that enters into a precipitator.

The cold pressed oil is stored in glass bottles or metal cans up to one year without changing its flavour and taste.

About Us

Elica Group is established in 1991. In the beginning, the sole field of work was cleaning and mechanical hulling of different kinds of seeds, predominantly sunflowers with the growth of capabilities and experience. Elica initiated its own production line of machinery. In 2017, after years of polishing our expertise and international success, we launched our exclusive brand of unique oil.

Our new incentive is a revolutionary new concept of making sunflower oil from 100% pure kernels without husks that puts our product quality in a league of its own.

Due to our long-standing market position and unapparelled dedication, Elica Oil has consolidated itself as a reliable and preferred partner internationally.

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